What’s Up With All The Leather

I am not sure where my love for leather came from? Well, scratch that; I appreciate functional art. A well made leather bag, I have always maintained, is well worth the money. Anything that gets better with age, and holds up over time, has always impressed me. And I suppose that is where my love of leather came in. In fact, the first thing that I ever made was a bag.


Leather BagI work on leather as I can, usually on the weekends and as time allows. I take work even more seldom as my normal work day is about 12 hours. I am usually unplugging and spending time with my family on weekends so it just doesn’t leave a whole lot of time. But when the urge hits I can usually spend hours in my workshop (basement) pounding away and sending the poms running under the bed.


Since I have this hobby and I like to share, I will post pics and articles from time to time on here. I do have another site where I have my leatherwork exclusively: you can find it here, if you’re interested.